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For years, urine drug testing has been the standard in the United States. Over the past several years, additional specimen types and expanded testing panels have become more commonplace. Many employers are combining the use of urine, hair, and even fingernail drug testing for more effective programs.

Hair Drug Test near me


Hair testing has emerged as a potent instrument for the identification of drug and alcohol misuse.

Urine Drug Test near me


Urine drug tests serve as effective tools to identify recent instances of drug usage or misuse.

sweat patch drug test near me

Sweat Patch

The PharmChek® Sweat Patch captures insensible perspiration, the uncontrolled loss of sweat from the skin.


nail drug test near me


Fingernail testing leads in drug detection, often providing the most accurate results.

Alcohol Test Near Me


An alcohol drug test identifies and measures the presence of alcohol in a person's system.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol Testing

Multiple Test Types

Alcohol testing can sometimes be complicated and confusing. There are several methods available for alcohol testing. Some show use only while others reveal current impairment or intoxication.

Kids in Preschool

Child Guard Panel

When a child is exposed to illegal substance abuse, they often face other coexisting obstacles to normal life – neglect, abuse, violence, and other vulnerabilities. Substance misuse is a disease that often prevents adults from doing what is in a child’s best interest. Detecting these dangerous environments is paramount to keeping the child safe. Testing with ChildGuard® can assist where other exposure drug tests fall short.

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