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Outsmarting the System: Debunking Myths About Cheating Hair Drug Tests

Amid the growing interest in hair drug testing, there has been a noticeable influx of online information promising ways to 'outsmart' a hair drug test. This includes various methods, such as shaving off all hair, using detox shampoos, or turning to home remedies like tar shampoo, laundry detergent, detox salts, and vinegar. Some people even dye their hair to hide the changes they've made. But the question remains: can you truly fool a hair drug test?

Hair drug testing has gained significant traction in employment circles, a trend for which companies like Premier Drug & DNA Testing Services, LLC have been instrumental. The appeal of hair drug testing lies in its comprehensive detection window of about 90 days (the longest of all drug tests), the involvement of an external lab and certification by a Medical Review Officer (MRO), and the resilience of results in a court of law, thanks to their difficulty to manipulate. Given the convenience of sample collection and the reliability of results, it's a straightforward way to identify drug usage over a certain period, making these tests a common choice for court-ordered scenarios.

Debunking the Myth: Can You Cheat a Hair Follicle Test?

Despite its advantages, hair drug testing is undeniably invasive. For optimal results, a hair sample, comparable in size to two straws, is required directly from the scalp. To prevent visible bald patches, hair is cut in small amounts from different parts around the crown. Longer hair provides a broader window into a person's drug history. For example, with a 1.5-inch long sample, the test can detect drug use approximately 90 days prior.

Although the cheating methods listed above might sound promising, it's incredibly unlikely, if not impossible, to skew the results towards a negative outcome.

Removing Metabolites from Hair: Is It Possible?

Hair drug testing focuses not on the outer part of the hair, but rather on its interior. This is because hair grows by the nutrients carried to it by blood flow. As the hair grows, drug metabolites from the blood are encased in that particular part of the hair. All drugs circulate through the body via veins and arteries; therefore, when someone uses drugs, the metabolites become part of the hair growth and cannot be removed once embedded.

As a result, detox shampoos or kits used on hair prove ineffective as they only treat the hair's exterior. While these detox methods might slightly reduce metabolite levels, frequent and repeated drug abusers are likely to test positive due to the presence of numerous metabolites. Shaving the head and body hair might delay the testing process, but could also raise suspicion during hiring processes.

Even though hair drug testing is more expensive than other drug tests like urine and saliva, its accuracy is unparalleled and holds substantial weight in legal contexts. Trust a professional provider like Premier Drug & DNA Testing Services, LLC for your hair drug testing needs.

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